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We are here to help parents raise happy and healthy children

We all need support through the most critical period.

Navigating through the pivotal early years of your child’s life can be filled with joy, challenges, and unforgettable moments. At Toddlers Growth, we recognize these initial years’ profound impact on a child’s development and future. That’s why we’re here – to offer you steadfast support through the most crucial period of your children: the early years.

We are a dedicated team of child development experts, parents, and caregivers who have walked the path you’re walking now. Our collective experiences and professional insights have shaped a platform committed to providing research-based strategies, heartfelt advice, and a supportive community that understands your journey.

Founder & Head of Toddlers Growth

Meet Sultana Tani Uziel, the Founder and Head of Toddlers Growth. She is a certified instructor in “Whining, Tears, and Tantrums Oh My” and a devoted mother of three. With Holding a bachelor’s in education and certifications in Redirecting Children’s Behavior, Conscious Discipline, and Yoga for children and adults, Sultana brings over 16 years of educational experience to our community, with eight years as a preschool teacher, to our community. Her extensive background underscores the importance of the parent-toddler connection in fostering healthy parenting. Sultana is committed to empowering parents with practical tools and skills, incorporating mindfulness into parenting and educational practices.

Embracing the joys and challenges of toddlerhood is a beautiful journey. With understanding and mindful strategies, we can nurture a generation of children who are not just grown but thoughtfully and lovingly raised.

– Sultana Tani Uziel


Embracing diversity, Toddlers Growth ensures every family feels seen, heard, and valued in their unique parenting journey.


Guiding families with reliable, research-based strategies, we prioritize responsible and trustworthy parenting support.


Upholding a judgment-free zone, we honor and value all parenting styles and choices, fostering a culture of respect.


Encouraging shared experiences and insights, Toddlers Growth cultivates a collaborative community where parents and caregivers grow together.


At Toddlers Growth, we are committed to empowering parents with the knowledge, skills, and support needed to navigate toddlerhood’s incredible yet challenging journey. Join our community and transform your parenting experience.


Empowering parents and caregivers to transform toddlerhood challenges into victories with expert advice, interactive workshops, and a wealth of resources designed to nurture growth, understand the uniqueness, and ensure thriving development at every step.

What our happy parents say

Tani’s ‘Whining, Tears, and Tantrums, Oh My!’ course transformed our family life. It strengthened our marriage by equipping us with essential parenting tools and aligning our approaches to handling our strong-willed toddler. The invaluable insights into toddlerhood and effective response strategies have shifted our mindset positively. A must for parents seeking practical guidance!

Alessandra Shapiro,
PsyD, ABPP Licensed Psychologist

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